Sofa and Loveseat Donations

We get a lot of requests for sofas and loveseats. Unfortunately, we run into more problems trying to deliver them than any other item. You can help minimize these issues by making sure your donation meets the following criteria, and by describing it in detail to our schedulers.

We do not accept sectionals or sofa beds. They are too large and heavy for our movers, and they aren’t practical for most of our recipients. Futons are usually okay.

Provide exact measurements of your items. Large sofas can be difficult to get into some buildings. For this reason, we ask that you measure the total width of your sofa before offering it. Do not guess, estimate, or round your measurement to the nearest foot; a few extra inches can easily prevent a piece from getting through a door.

Make sure your item is clean and ready to use. We don’t have a warehouse or storage space for large items, so your donation will be going directly into someone’s home. If you haven’t been using it, please make sure it is clean and ready for people to sit on by the time we come to pick it up, especially if it’s been sitting outside.

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