Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next fund-raising event?

The next Gala fundraiser will be held February 16 at Soriano’s Bridgewater. Details will be provided.

Are there any restrictions on items that you do not take?

We do not accept the following items: outdoor furniture, exercise equipment, halogen lamps, clothing, broken / damaged items, permanent fixtures, knick knacks, large appliances.

I’m interested in volunteering, how can I get more information?

The Giving Network is a volunteer-run, volunteer-driven outreach program. For more information, please visit our volunteer page.

I am moving this weekend. Can the Giving Network pick up my furniture donation tomorrow?

As an all-volunteer organization, we do not have the capacity to make arrangements for pickups with only a few days’ notice.  It typically takes two weeks or more to arrange for collection of donated items. We thank you for your patience. The items go to families in need in Somerset County.

I have a fabulous king-size bed and sectional sofa and StairMaster to donate…like new!! Can you take them?

Due to our van size and other limitations, there are some items we just cannot accept. King & Queen size beds, sectional sofas and sofabeds and exercise equipment are among them. Please check out our How to Donate page for more information, and the Resource Page for where to donate items we cannot accept.

Can you pick up my donation or do I need to transport the items?

The Giving Network volunteers are happy to pick up your donation! It’s a whole lot easier for our hard-working volunteers if the items (furniture especially) are on the first level of your home or in the garage. We can go to other areas of the house if necessary. 

I live outside of Somerset County. Can you come pick up anyway?

The Giving Network is committed to helping Somerset County residents find new homes for their gently-used items with families in need in Somerset County. We do not have the capacity to work outside the County. 

Who will benefit from my donation?

The Giving Network gives a hand up to all kinds of folks! We regularly deliver donated items to veterans, working single parents, recent immigrants, victims of natural disaster or fires, and more. The people receiving your donated items are your neighbors!

Can I donate a sofabed that has some dirty stains and a broken leg?

We do not accept sofabeds and we are not equipped with the capability to clean upholstery or to make repairs to furniture.  Furniture in good condition is normally accepted and delivered directly from the donor’s home to the home of the recipient.  Please see How to Donate page.    

Support Us!
To make a financial contribution, mail checks to:

Giving Network
45 N. Gaston Ave, Suite 1A
Somerville, NJ 08876
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