Large Furniture Donations

Many of our recipients have limited space for furniture, and live in second or third story apartments with narrow staircases. We ask that you keep these limitations in mind, and provide a detailed description of your donation to help us find the right home for it.

We cannot accept large tables or desks Our recipients live in small apartments, and have to fit desks into bedrooms or living rooms that already have a lot of furniture. Larger items are too impractical.

If your donation requires assembly, make sure you have the required parts. Disassembling large items makes transport easier, but we need to be able to put it together again. We have to take items directly from donors to recipients, so we can’t accept anything that needs replacement parts. A few missing screws are fine as long as everything stays together.

Clean everything out before we come to pick up your donation. If you are using the item, please empty it out. Be sure to check behind drawers (socks like to hide there). If you haven’t been using the piece, please make sure it is clean and ready for people to use by the time we come to pick it up, especially if it’s been sitting outside.

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