Bed Donations

Beds come in many shapes and sizes, and some of them are too big for us to handle. Please make sure you understand our limitations and provide a detailed description when you donate to help us avoid problems.

Bed Size Width
Twin 39″
Small Double 48″
Double or Full 54″
Queen 60″
King 72″+

Make sure you know what size bed you are donating. If you aren’t sure, measure the width and compare to the size chart. Sizes can vary slightly. If your bed is more than a few inches off from the closest sizes, please round up instead of down.

We don’t accept king or queen size mattresses or box springs. They are too wide to fit in our van, and most of our recipients don’t have enough room for them.

Make sure your item is clean and ready to use. We don’t have a warehouse or storage space for large items, so your donation will be going directly into someone’s home. If you haven’t been using it, please make sure it is clean and ready for people to sleep on by the time we come to pick it up, especially if it’s been sitting outside.

Sofa Donations
Large Items

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